Best Web Development Books

The best web development books can help you learn web development faster. It is estimated that 3 billion people will come online in the next 10 years. By learning web development you can create products that they want and need.

Learning web developing can be tricky. There are several different elements to it. Some of them are web design, handling databases and working with web security.

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Here we will focus on web development in general and the languages you might want to learn.

Best web development books – fundamentals

If you want to work with web development at a higher level you must know the fundamentals. That include how the web works, the technologies involved and the different programming languages used.

This will create the foundation you need to become a great web developer.

A book that teaches you this is Fundamentals of Web Development, by Randy Connolly. By reading it you are building towards becoming a CTO or a system administrator.

Best web development books - fundamentals

Best web development books – hands on practice

The best way to learn web development is to build a product. You should work with both client-side and server-side. You should also set up a database and maybe even make it a cloud-service.

My favorite book here is Learning Web App Development, by Semmy Purewal. It will teach exactly what I described above.

Best web development books - hands on practice

Best web development books – JavaScript

JavaScript is a very important language for web developers. Almost all websites uses it. It is the core language that for web applications.

The best book for learning it is Professional JavaScript for Web Developers, by Nicholas C.Zakas. As the title says, this book can make you a professional.

Best web development books - JavaScript

Last words of guidance

By learning web development you are creating a bright future for yourself. Remember that reading alone wont make you a developer. You have to build something as well. If you do you can start building your own products in just a couple of months.

Good Luck!