Best Web Design Books

Reading the best web design books will help you master web design. When you do you can work as a freelancer or start your own company. All programmers can write code but very few can create beautiful designs.

The best web design books teach you how to think about design. You must know how you want the visitors to interact with your site. If you do it right you can increase conversion on a site or make an application easy to use.

Best web design books – master the tools

If you are a good designer that’s great. To build your designs you have to learn the programming languages used on the web. These are HTML, CSS and JavaScript/jQuery. Without them you will have a hard time.

Luckily all of them except from JavaScript are easy languages. It won’t take long to learn them.

The best web design books for teaching you this is Web Design with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery, by Jon Duckett. It is a short series of two books that teaches you all of the tools you need to create your designs.

Best web design books

Best web design books – design psychology

Design is not only about creating beautiful content. It is also psychology. You have to understand how people think and how they will interact with your site. If you want to sell a product knowing what makes people buy is essential.

A great book to understand the psychology behind design is 100 Things Every Designer Needs to Know About People, by Susan Weinschenk. You will learn how to make your visitors behave the way you want them to.

Best web design books - psychology

Best web design books – user experience

When a user interacts with you site it should come natural. Bad user experience will make a product fail. It should be easy to use your product the way it’s intended to. Questions like “how do I …?” is a sign that the user experience can be better.

My favorite book about user experience is Don’t Make Me Think by Steve Krug.

Best web design books - user experience

Last words of guidance

Learning web design is fun. If you aim to be an entrepreneur and build your own product from scratch you can’t manage without it. Design often beats functionality from a users perspective.

Nothing is more valuable than good user experience.

Good Luck!