Best SQL Books


The best SQL books will teach you how to handle databases connected to your application. It is very important that you know how to manage a database if you want to build a good product. Without them you can’t save data.

SQL is the most common language used by databases. There might be some syntax variations between different providers, but nothing big. If you learn SQL you can use all SQL databases.

There is another database-language called NOSQL that you can check out. I wont be covering that in this post.

Best SQL books – in a hurry

Learning the basics of SQL can go fast. You are able to learn enough SQL to manage a database in just a couple of hours. There is of course a long way left to mastery but it will get you going.

The book I have used to learn SQL is SQL in 10 Minutes, Sams Teach Yourself, by Ben Forta. It is perfect if you are a developer and just want to know how SQL works so you can start building a product.

It is easy to read and Ben is great at giving simple yet detailed explanations of the different concepts.

Best SQL books - in a hurry

Best SQL book – mastery

If you want to learn more and become a good SQL developer there are better books. You want something that cover more of the language and more detailed explanations of how it works.

For that I would recommend SQL Cookbook, by Anthony Molinaro. I use it as a reference in my work. You will learn everything you need to master SQL from this book.

Best SQL books - mastery

Last words of advice

Even if you don’t want to be a SQL developer you should understand how it works. Databases are a must have when you are building an application.

Good Luck!