Best Python Books

Python is a programming language that can be used for almost anything. It is designed to perform the same functionality on fewer lines off code.

The Best Books to Learn Python

Python for Kids A playful introduction to programming, by Jason Briggs

Level: beginner

Kids usually learn programming by something called block programming. Instead of writing code you place blocks of code together to perform some task. I would argue however that kids can learn real programming right from the start. Python is perfect for that.

Teaching kids is different from teaching adults. They demand a more playful learning experience. A python book for kids should therefore be fun and informative at the same time.

One of the best python books for kids is Python for Kids A playful introduction to programming, by Jason Briggs. It does exactly what it needs to.

Best python books - kids

Learning Python, 5th Edition by Mark Lutz

Level: beginner, intermediate, professional

Many beginners look for introduction books. This can be a good idea if you just want to get started as fast as possible. It is better to buy a book that can take you from beginner to professional programmer. These books cover the basic concepts as well. A key to becoming a professional is understanding how the language and programming in general works.

A good programming book needs to be very detailed. It should also have good examples that you can try yourself. That way you start writing code right away.

On of the best books on python is Learning Python, 5th Edition by Mark Lutz. It teaches you everything you need to become a professional. You will get detailed explanations of all concepts.

Best python books - overall

Python Mastery

Effective Python: 59 specific ways to write better Python, by Brett Slatkin

Level: intermediate, professional

You can always improve your programming. The most common area to improve is code efficiency. It includes how fast your program is and how many lines of code it contains.

There are few programmers that write flawless code.

The best python book if you want to improve the efficiency of your code is Effective Python: 59 specific ways to write better Python, by Brett Slatkin. It will teach you how to write quality code.

Best python books - effective

Other Python Books

Black Hat Python, by Justin Seitz

Level: intermediate, professional

If you have fiddled with security before you know the value of writing small efficient programs. If you for example are testing an application for sql-injection, you would write a program that send multiple requests and extract some value from each of them.

You should only test applications that you own or have the right to test. Security has become very important especially when it comes to web applications. Every developer should understand security and know how to develop secure products.

My favorite book that combines python and security is Black Hat Python, by Justin Seitz. You will learn why python is the most popular programming language for security testers and understand how to use it.

A python book for security freaks

Python Machine Learning, by Sebastian Raschka

Level: professional

There has been a lot of talk the past year about the internet of things, or IoT. To make IoT really efficient we need AI. Our devices need to learn how to behave based on data and statistics. That is what machine learning is about.

Machine learning is an essential component of all those modern technologies. To learn machine learning you should have read math and statistics. If you have and want to dive into how to use python for machine learning a good read is Python Machine Learning, by Sebastian Raschka.

python book for machine learning

Last words of guidance

I hope this information helps you to get started with programming or improve your current skills. Python is a powerful language that is fun to learn. Try to write as much code as you can while learning.

Good Luck!