Best Java Books

Java is a very popular programming language. You can use it to build anything. Many people wonder which programming language they should learn. The answer is to start learning any language and don’t waste your time thinking about which one. If you are interested in learning object oriented programming java certainly is a great choice.

As a java developer you can work on projects of every size. One of the reasons why java is so popular is its flexibility. There are tons of great frameworks that allow you to build any type of product. Companies are constantly looking for more java developers.

In this post we will look at java books that can help you get started or take you to the next level. The following will be covered:

  • The most popular java book for beginners
  • Becoming a professional java developer
  • A java book for developing android applications
  • The best java reference book

The most popular java book for beginners

When you are new to programmering there are a couple of basic concepts that you need to understand. Learning them will create a foundation of knowledge that you can easily build upon.

Good resources for beginners should address these concepts and explain them in detail.

When learning java in particular, you should make sure that you learn how object oriented languages work. The better your understanding of classes and objects are, the easier it will be to learn java.

The most popular java book for beginners is Java: A Beginner’s Guide, Sixth Edition by Herbert Schildt. It does a great job at giving you a detailed understanding of java. You will learn everything discussed above and get a lot of hand on practice.

Best java books for beginners

Becoming a professional professional developer

When you start working with Java you will realize the importance of effective code. There are hundred ways to solve a problem and most of them are wrong.

Writing effective code is challenging because it demands more of you as a developer. You need to understand how the language actually works.

The best book you can read to master Java is Effective Java, by Joshua Bloch. As a developer I can say that the world would be a better place if everyone could read this book. I rank it as one of the best programming books ever written.

Best java books - mastery

A java book for developing android applications

Developing android applications in another popular thing that you can do with java. You can develop everything from games to a shopping-list app. It is good to know java before starting with android applications. Otherwise you will get confused by all the extra features you have access to through the android studio ide.

If you want to learn how to develop apps for an android phone a good book is The Beginner’s Guide to Android Game Development, by James S. Cho. It is a playful book where you will learn java and object oriented programming by developing interactive 2d games.

Best java books - android

The best java reference book

Learning Java won’t be hard If you come from an object oriented background. Otherwise it is a challenge. In that case it is very important to study the main concepts such as classes and objects. It will make learning Java a lot easier.

A good book helps you with that. It should cover all the important concepts in detail.

The book I use is Java: The Complete Referenceby Herbert Schildt. If your goal is to take a Java certificate this book is perfect. If you are completely new to programming it can be a bit daunting.

Best Java books - overall


Java is a great language to learn and you will have a fun time doing it. I strongly recommend you to learn how to write quality code early on. You should question every line of code you write and ask yourself if you can make it any better.

That will eventually make you a great developer

Good Luck!