Best Hacking books

The best hacking books teaches you cyber security, one of our time biggest problems. Developers lack of knowledge about security makes hacking profitable for criminals. Good hackers work as security speciallists or penetration testers. They search for vulnerabilities and report to the company.

Knowing hacking is key to create secure applications. You must understand what weaknesses an attackers looks for.

You can also learn hacking to work as a penetration tester or bug-bounty hunter.

Best hacking books – understanding cyber security

The first step to learn hacking is to understand cyber security. That way you have a good base to build on. You should know why cyber security is a problem and what it comes from.

When I learned hacking I used Computer and Information Security Handbook Second Edition, by John R. Vacca. There is nothing about cyber security that you won’t find in it. I still keep it close whenever I have to look something up.

Best hacking books - understanding

Best hacking books – hands on practice

There are a number of great hacking books that offer hands on practice. They will help you get started in a secure and legal way.

The best book to use for practice is The Hacker Playbook 2: Practical Guide To Penetration Testing, by Peter Kim. It teaches you everything you need to get started.

Best hacking books for hands on practice

If you are a Python programmer I also strongly recommend Black Hat Python: Python Programming for Hackers and Pentesters, by Justin Seitz.

Best hacking books - Python

Best hacking books – hackers handbook series

If you are very interested in hacking there is an amazing series called hackers handbook. It teaches you hacking for a specific target. Which ever target you choose you will learn it in depth. If you are a beginner you should start with web application since it covers the fundamentals.

Here are some of the books in the series. All of them are great.

You don’t need to be a professional programmer to be a hacker, but it will help you. Hacking is a complex topic. You have to spend time to learn it. What makes it even more difficult is that security always changes. If you learn a way to attack a web application today that might not work tomorrow. To be a great hacker you need to keep your skills up to date.

Good Luck!