Best C# Books

The c# programming language is an object oriented language designed to be simple and modern. To make it easy it has implemented things like automatic garbage collection. C# was developed by microsoft together with the .Net framework. In the beginning it was very similar to java, but now the two languages differ more.

Learning c# programming is time well spend. It is one of the fastest growing languages. If you have experience in c, c++ or java you will find it easy.

We will look at the best c# books to help you learn. Here’s what you will find:

  • C# textbook for beginners and experienced programmers
  • The best book for c# game programming
  • The only c# reference book you’ll ever need
  • A massive c# book for .net developers

C# textbook for beginners and experienced programmers

As a beginner you must first understand how programming works. You need to know about things like variables, methods and datatypes, to get started. So if you want to learn c# as your first language you should have a c# book that also teaches you these things.

The most popular c# book is The C# Player’s Guide (2nd Edition). It is a great introduction to c# for both beginners and experienced programmers. You will get to write your first c# programs by following detailed and well explained examples. The book also cover more advanced topics to help you become a professional.

Best C# books - players guide

The best book for c# game programming

Many programmers want to develop games. Usually you need some kind of game development platform to do this. One platform that you can use is unity. It works with any object oriented programming language.

If you want to learn game development with c# a good book is Unity in Action: Multiplatform Game Development in C# with Unity 5. You will use the unity platform together with c#. The book teaches you how to build both 2d and 3d games.

You will learn how to create characters that can interact, deploy your game to platforms such as mobile or web and how to build good game architecture.

Best c# books for game developers

The only c# reference book you’ll ever need

As a developer it is always useful to have access to a good reference book. That way you can look up the things that you need to know. I usually use both books and google for that. The difference is that if you have read the book you know where to look and that can save you some time.

The best c# reference book is C# 6.0 in a Nutshell: The Definitive Reference.

Best C# books - reference

A massive c# book for .net developers

.Net is a software framework developed by microsoft. A framework makes it simpler for a programmers to develop applications.

A very popular framework for building dynamic web pages is ASP.NET. It is developed together with .Net.

In .Net you can use different programming languages. C# is the most popular choice. The best book to learn .Net together with c# is C# 6.0 and the .NET 4.6 Framework. This is a massive book with 1625 pages, so it covers a lot.

Best C# books -.Net


C# is a very nice language to know. It is powerful yet simple. You can use it to create games or develop web applications among other things. It is growing very fast and there are many job opportunities. I strongly recommend you to learn programming and c# is a great language to start with.

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Good Luck!