What are the best C++ books

C++ is a general-purpose programming languages. It was developed by Bjarne Stroustrup as an extension to c. C++ is designed to be efficient and flexible. That has made it the perfect language to use when performance is key and resources are limited.

Learning c++ is time well spend. It gives you a deeper understanding of programming than other languages does. For example you might have to create some advanced data-structures yourself that comes by default with other languages. You also have to manage the memory your program consumes.

The most educational C++ book

A book has to be good at two things. It should have great content and be easy to read. The book that does both of these things the best is Professional C++, by Marc Gregoire.

Marc manages to explain advanced topics in an easy way. He also teaches you a modern approach to the language. You learn how to write code that is efficient, beautiful and testable.

The targeted audience is both beginners and professional programmers. So this is a great option no matter who you are.

Marc is a Microsoft most valuable professional for his knowledge in C++ visual. In other words, he knows his stuff. This is my first recommendation for anyone who wants to be a C++ programmer.

best c++ books - professional

One of the best c++ books for beginners

If you have no experience in programming you might want an easier book that focus more on teaching you the basics of programming. Practice examples are also very good to help you get started. The best way to learn programming is and always will be, by writing your own code.

One of the best c++ books for beginners is Jumping into C++ by Alex Allain. It is not written for beginners only, but it is structured in a way that makes it easy to learn. Every chapter ends with exercises. You should do all of them before moving on to the next chapter.

best c++ books foe beginners

The number one c++ book for nerds

If you want to know every single detail about the c++ programming language who’s better to ask than Bjarne Stroustrup himself. In the The C++ Programming Language he teaches you everything there is to know about c++.

You will learn how to write the fastest and most efficient code possible by using the features c++ has to offer. You will also learn everything about advanced topics such as the c++ memory model.

This books is for c++ professionals who want a reference book at work or for anyone who wants to become a great c++ developer. It is 1368 pages of high quality content.

best c++ books for nerds

Best c++ book for improving your skills

Writing code and writing good code are two very different things. Good code is good looking and effective. As a programmer you always have to ask yourself if you can decrease the amount of code in your programs. A great programmer never writes the same code twice.

A common misstake among developers is that their code is ineffective. The program perform unnecessary operations and decrease the performance of the program. Learning how to write effective code is essential if you want to become a professional.

One of the best c++ books you can read when you want to improve your skills is Effective Modern C++, by Scott Meyers. This books is not for beginners. You should read it if you know c++ already, but want to master it.

best c++ books for improving your skills


Learning c++ creates exciting opportunities. You will have a powerful tool at your disposal and can take part in developing future technologies. Picking up new languages will be easy.

The best way to learn programming is to write code. When you read you should try the examples presented to you and change them as you like. All the books above are ment to be used that way.

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Good Luck!