Best Programming Books

What is this site for?

It is is easy these days to find information on learning different programming languages. The issue however is that it is hard from the start to separate good resources from bad resources. An example is that you can find a lot of online tutorials that will teach you the basics of a language and that does it well. When you want to take your skills to the next level these resources are usually not that good. The reason might be that it takes time to write really good content with good examples. To be able to teach programming in the best possible way the teacher or writer must also really know what he or she is talking about. Every programmer can write beginner tutorials but this wont be sufficient if you really want to learn the art of programming.


The purpose of this site is to help you find the best programming books for whatever language you want to learn. However since it is my recommendations I can only give you advice in the languages or frameworks that I know.

My story

If you take me as an example I started learning programming with online tutorials. I used mostly Youtube which was great for some time. Then I bought a book written by a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional and  just took my skills to another level. It also gave me a much deeper understanding of programming in general and that helped me learn other languages quickly.

I was able to go from never having seen a piece of code to work as a system developer in 8 months.

My recommendations

As I said I will only make recommendations in the areas where i know what I am talking about. Below you find links to the pages I currently have. Feel free to explore.


Best books for C


Best books for C++


Best books for Java


Best books for Python

Web Design

Best books for Web Design

Web Development

Best books for Web Development

Good Luck!

If you are on the path to learn programming I can just say congratulations. It opens so many new doors and gives you a deeper knowledge of how the scociety works today. Learning how to programming is so far the best choice I ever made. To me it is a powerful tool that I can use to create what ever I want.

You have made a great choice for your future and I wish you the best of luck!